Making a Difference

Accelerating Translational Research to Combat COVID-19

COVID’s onset created an urgent demand for clinical samples. In response, Ragon Institute Core Member Xu Yu and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) Infectious Disease Faculty Member Jonathan Li developed a new COVID-19 clinical repository, paving the way for significant scientific progress against the pandemic.

Latest News

June 21, 2022

Working Together to Fight Disease

Sikhulile Moyo discusses the benefits of international collaboration and a culture of transparency

June 3, 2022

Wearing Two Hats

Ragon member Gaurav Gaiha is a physician and scientist, Indian and American

Ragon Life

Thank You, Clinical Team Members!

May 26 was a sad but exciting day for the Ragon as the Clinical Team said goodbye to four of its team members, who are moving on to their next stages of training.

PRISM Week 8 is a Wrap!

This marks the final week of this year's PRISM.

PRISM Science Club Launched

The PRISM Science Club provides opportunities for high school students from underrepresented communities in the Greater Boston area to learn about cutting-edge medical science and careers in STEM.