Thank You, Clinical Team Members!

Date: June 6, 2022 By: Emily Makowski

May 26 was a sad but exciting day for the Ragon as the Clinical Team said goodbye to four of its team members, who are moving on to their next stages of training. All four will be pursuing further degrees in either science or medicine.

Max Barbash worked on mucosal immunology and lymphoid studies at the Ragon for the past three years; he will be attending Tufts for a Master’s in Biology. Noah Miranda worked on HIV-positive, PrEP and HIV treatment interruption protocols for two years and will be pursuing his MD at UMass Medical. Grace Tremonti, who worked on COVID and COVID vaccine studies for the past year, will be attending the University of Michigan Medical School for her MD. Ilan Millstrӧm worked on COVID studies, including a COVID leukapheresis sub-study, and HIV-positive elite controller protocols for two years; they will be attending the MGH Institute of Health Professions to become a clinical nurse specialist working in psychiatric care.

“The work that was done on our COVID and HIV/immunology studies to meet the needs of the Institute, the MassCPR, and other collaborators was immense. I could not be more proud of them!” says Daniel Worrall, NP, Clinical Operations Manager.

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