Our collaborative ethos applies to every aspect of our Institute, and we are committed to being an engaged and involved member of the communities we are fortunate to be a part of. This is reflected in our outreach programs, located in both Boston and South Africa. Each program is developed as part of an ongoing conversation with, and commitment to, our broader communities.

Education & Outreach

The Office of Education and Outreach supports the Institute’s mission and its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by offering programs and educational opportunities to the Greater Boston community and beyond.


The Integration of TB in Education and Care for HIV/ AIDS (ITEACH) improves HIV and TB care and treatment in South Africa by collaborating with traditional healers.


Females Rising through Education, Support, and Health (FRESH) is a longitudinal study that combines science with social good to identify and analyze the immune response immediately after HIV diagnoses.


The Ragon hosts regular events for the academic community or for the public.

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The Ragon Institute's mission is to transform medical care by harnessing the immune system to prevent and cure human diseases.


The Ragon’s research creates knowledge from our collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach, breaking down the silos of academia.


Our workforce members are what makes the Ragon unique: highly-motivated, collaborative, progressive, and altogether exceptional.