Postdoctoral Fellowships

Ragon and Doherty Institutes Fellowship Study Program


This initiative for postdoctoral researchers will provide an opportunity to spend an extended period of time at the Doherty Institute in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, or at the Ragon Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Applications are open.

Ramón Areces Foundation Research Fellowship

The Ramón Areces Foundation Research Fellowship provides funding for one postdoctoral fellow of Spanish nationality to study at the Ragon Institute of Mass General, MIT, and Harvard for a period of two years under the guidance of a Ragon Institute faculty member.

This application round has closed.

Ragon Early Independence Fellows Program

The Ragon Institute supports the Ragon Early Independence Fellows Program, a prestigious fellowship for outstanding recent PhD graduates or clinician-scientists ready to establish an independent research program without traditional postdoctoral training. We welcomed our first Fellows to our Institute in Summer 2021.

The Fellows Program supports creative, talented, and collaborative scientists for up to five years, either on a basic scientist track (PhD or MD/PhD applicants) or a clinician-research track (MD or MD/PhD applicants with ongoing clinical activities) with a research program in line with the Ragon’s mission of harnessing the immune system to prevent and cure human disease. Applications are open on a rolling basis.


Catherine Othieno Sempa Memorial Post Baccalaureate Scholars Program

he Catherine Othieno Sempa* Memorial Post Baccalaureate Scholars Program engages talented college graduates from HBCUs and Puerto Rican universities in a comprehensive and immersive two-year program in immunology research.

The program is designed to diversify the field of academic research by inviting recent college graduates to gain knowledge, expertise, and skills inside and outside the lab.

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