In December 2021, the Ragon Institute launched an ambitious new Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/human immunology initiative in collaboration with the Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health and the Schwarzman College of Computing of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Through a generous donation from the Mark and Lisa Schwartz Foundation, a longtime supporter of the Ragon Institute, the initiative will be offering as a first step in this partnership fellowships to graduate students or postdoctoral fellows to create linkages between the labs of MIT faculty and of Ragon Investigators, embedding them at the Institute in pursuit of pilot projects in AI/ML and the immune system. This initiative will bring together in a formalized and unprecedented way the Ragon Institute’s world-class expertise in basic and translational immunology with MIT’s world-class expertise in AI/ML and will create a new generation of scientists fluent in both human immunology and AI/ML.

The Ragon Institute recognizes the tremendous promise of AI/ML to uncover untapped hidden meanings and information embedded in complex laboratory research data not otherwise accessible through standard analysis. The human immune system, with its tremendous complexity and multi-dimensionality, lends itself extraordinarily well to AI/ML investigations with broad and potentially groundbreaking applications. Through its many years of research into innumerable aspects of the human immune response, the Ragon Institute possesses copious datasets related to HIV, TB, Zika, influenza, malaria, autoimmune disorders, and more recently SARS-CoV-2 that will allow for immediate targeted studies. Ragon investigators also have the capacity to prospectively accrue additional datasets for future investigations or links to other existing datasets through Ragon collaborators.

The Ragon Institute is proud and excited to take this major first step into what we believe will be a powerful new frontier in our efforts to advance the understanding of the immune system and harness it to prevent and cure human disease.

The Ragon Institute supports the Ragon Early Independence Fellows Program, a prestigious fellowship for outstanding recent graduates or clinician-scientists ready to establish an independent research program without traditional postdoctoral training. The Ragon welcomed our first Fellows to our Institute in Summer 2021. The Fellows Program supports creative, talented, and collaborative scientists for up to five years, either on a basic scientist track (PhD or MD/PhD applicants) or a clinician-research track (MD or MD/PhD applicants with ongoing clinical activities) with a research program in line with the Ragon’s mission of harnessing the immune system to prevent and cure human disease.

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