Our most valuable assets are our people: highly-motivated, collaborative, progressive, and altogether exceptional, each member of the Ragon workforce, from our administration and operations team to our scientists, is a key part of our success.

Leadership: Executive Team

Meet the Ragon's leadership team.

Leadership: Faculty

The Ragon’s faculty includes many of the world’s most creative scientists, engineers, and clinicians.

Clinical Team

The Ragon’s clinical research focuses on clinical studies in infectious diseases such as HIV and COVID-19.

Lab Staff

Our lab staff, comprised of students, postdocs, technicians, and scientists, is responsible for the hands-on research work at the Ragon.

Administration and Operations

The Administrative and Operations team manages the Ragon’s operations, administrative, and logistical functions.

Cores and Platforms

Our cores and platform staff provide scientific support across the entire institute, making our scientific resources available to workforce and collaborators.