Flow Cytometry Core

The Ragon Institute Flow Core provides access to a range of different instrumentation for flow cytometry, a technique that enables researchers to identify and quantify different cell types within a sample by measuring the presence of fluorescent markers used to label the cells.

The Flow Core provides access to three sorting flow cytometers capable of sorting plates or up to four bulk populations at a time, 6 analyzers for up to 18 or 29 color analysis, as well as Luminex assay platforms. We offer training for self-run options and experimental design support. Our expert staff can also run any of our machines for you.


Michael Waring


(857) 268-7069

Machines, Software, and Prices

We offer access to eleven flow cytometers, including three cell sorters housed in biosafety cabinets to allow safe processing of healthy or infectious human samples.

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Policy for Core Users

We welcome external users at the Ragon Flow Core. Both Internal and External users should review the guidelines below on how to get started.

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Cores and Platforms

Our cores and platform staff provide scientific support across the entire institute, making our scientific resources available to workforce and collaborators.

Lab Staff

Our lab staff, comprised of students, postdocs, technicians, and scientists, is responsible for the hands-on research work at the Ragon.


Ragon-supported resources, including cores available for use by external partners, that support immunology and infectious disease research.