Clinical Platform

The Clinical Platform recruits subjects into our specimen collection studies and first-in-human trials. Specimen types include blood, leukapheresis, sputum and saliva samples, swabs, urine, stool and other microbiome collections, and several tissue biopsy types. These samples provide Ragon investigators with valuable information on how the body responds to HIV and other infectious diseases. You can meet the team here.

If you would like more information about our studies, please contact the clinical team at 857-268-7257 or by email.


Douglas S. Kwon

Scientific Director


Daniel Worrall

Clinical Operations Manager


Research We Support

The clinical platform supports a large number of projects in which samples have provided invaluable insight into some of the most pressing research questions. These include the discovery of the mechanisms by which elite controllers suppress HIV indefinitely, understanding how the vaginal microbiome can affect risk of contracting HIV, and COVID-19 patient samples from as early as March 2020, which were essential to a better understanding of COVID-19 and driving forward vaccine development.

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Clinical Research

Clinical research provides valuable insight in the interactions of the immune system and various pathogens through the use of clinical samples such as blood draws and mucus swabs.

Clinical Team

The Ragon’s clinical research focuses on clinical studies in infectious diseases such as HIV and COVID-19.


The Ragon’s research creates knowledge from our collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach, breaking down the silos of academia.