Services and Equipment

High-speed cell sorter

BD FACS Aria III 3 lasers (12 colors), four-way sorting into tubes or plates

Multi-mode plate reader

Molecular Devices Spectramax ID3 Fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence. Housed in a biosafety cabinet, dedicated to viral work.

Evos FLoid fluorescence microscope

5X objective, green, blue and red channels. Dedicated to viral work.

Luminex Magpix

Up to 50 analyses detected. Housed in a biosafety cabinet, dedicated to viral work.

Inverted Phase Contrast Fluorescence Microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ti-E instrument 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x and 100x magnification 4 excitation/emission channels: ex 387/11 DM 410 em 440/40 ex 485/20 DM 504 em 525/30 ex 560/25 DM 582 em 607/36 ex 650/13 DM 669 em 684/24

Small animal housing facility

Includes an aerosol machine for mouse infection. Restricted to Mtb work.

Technical execution of experimental procedures

Staff scientist available to perform collaborative work. Currently limited to viral work.

Confocal microscope

Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7 microscope - A fully automated epifluorescence and confocal imaging platform for slides, plates and Petri dishes. Includes a 50x water immersion objective.


ServiceRagon, MGB, and External CFAR MembersExternal AcademicExternal Industry
BSL-3 Training and Certification$110.00$158.40$174.90
Access/User Fee for Facility (per day)$172.00$247.68$273.48
Live cell sorting$123.00$177.12$195.57
Wide-field or confocal microscopy$26.00$37.44$41.34
Technical execution of experimental procedures$75.00$108.00$119.25
Animal Facility Fee (Per-Diem)$5.30$7.63$8.43
Unless otherwise noted, all rates are on a per hour basis. Prices effective as of Oct. 2, 2023.