Kwon Awarded MGH DOM Innovation Grant

Dr. Douglas Kwon has been awarded the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Medicine Innovation Grant.


Dr. Kwon submitted a proposal for the grant based on technology which leverages the power of genome sequencing to identify a bacteria’s species, as well as the level of resistance. This technology will allow doctors to generate a diagnosis in a matter of hours, enabling them to treat patients sooner and to prescribe more specific antibiotics.


In their notes, the committee noted that they were “impressed by the novelty, sophistication and impact” of the project.


The award, which is given annually, provides monetary support, ongoing mentorship and project management support. The goal of the funding is to accelerating the development and introduction of broadly applicable innovative ideas and cost effective technologies into the patient/provider community both within and outside of the MGH.


Dr. Kwon and his team had previously received additional funding from the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition.