The generous support of our private donors is key to the Ragon’s innovative and collaborative approach. Our major donors have enabled us to pursue new ideas and scientific directions, from funding major projects in response to global need to endowing the Ragon to ensure our long-term success. It is thanks to their incredible and continued that can we continue to harness the immune system to prevent and cure human disease.

When you make a gift to the Ragon Institute, your donation can directly fund research on vaccine development, HIV or COVID-19, and other immunological problems of global importance. You can learn more about supporting the Ragon here.

Making a Difference

Supercharging Immunology Research

The immune system is incredibly complex - and artificial intelligence may be the key to understanding it. This new initiative is enabled by a generous donation from Mark and Lisa Schwartz.

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One of the greatest catalysts in going from novel ideas to treatments and cures is flexible philanthropic support from donors.


The Ragon Institute brings together diverse researchers from across MassGeneral, MIT, and Harvard.


The Ragon’s research creates knowledge from our collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach, breaking down the silos of academia.